Episode 10 (ft. Alex Mitchell): How artificial intelligence will do to music creation what Instagram did to photography

Boomy founder/CEO Alex Mitchell joins this episode — recorded just an hour after Boomy launched out of beta! — to talk about the disruptive impact that artificial intelligence will have on music creation and distribution. We unpack why there's arguably no such thing as "A.I.-generated music," the importance of optimizing for creativity rather than for accuracy in music-composition algorithms, what the "win condition" would be for A.I. and music and why tools like Boomy could do to the music industry what Instagram did to photography. At the end, we discuss whether Splice's new research on extracting stems from musical recordings and Apple's reported investment in original podcasts are overrated or underrated.

"McFlurry" (Instrumental) by Sleaford Mods
Original song: Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube
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Alex Mitchell
Founder/CEO, Boomy
Boomy launched out of beta on July 19, 2019, just one hour before this episode was recorded.


Special thanks to Marcus Hahm for help with mixing!

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